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is accused of lying in a debate, you suggest doing the opposite of what elizabeth warren did recently. let's watch that. >> i think character is important. as you know i think what you are refer iffing to is the fact that professor warren claimed she was a person of color, and she is not. >> senator brown wants to raise an issue about my color, i'll lay it out there. when i was growing up these were the stories about my heritage. and i never asked for any documentation. >> jennifer: what was wrong with her answer? >> here is the problem you get into. if you try to defend everything that is thrown at you during the debate, then automatically you are playing defense and wasting the time you would like to be using to make a proactive statement just reacting to what the other person is saying. so i think if somebody hits you with a lie in a debate you have to let the fact checker do some of that heavy lifter for you. when you were in the debate did you feels like you could respond? >> jennifer: when you are in a debate and somebody has said something completely false abo
. now, looks like elizabeth warren has taken a lead! she's up 47.2% to 45.8% and clear politics average of all of the different polls. so that appears to be a real lead. well one of the dumbest lines of attack i've ever seen is scott brown's folks have been going to for a long time now. she lied about being indian. we got her. i don't know what you got her on. she's not lying. her mother is part cherokee and she's also part delaware indian. so where's the lie? i don't get it. ha ha, she took advantage. no, she never took advantage of it. what a weird weird campaign. now when you do that, by the way, it also shows i've got nothing on her. she's actually gonna fight wall street. she is going to represent you. so i'll make up some nonsense but it gets worse. so his staffers including staffers like greg casey and constituent service counsel richard, local republican activist garrett got together and did this at a brown event. yeah hey we got it. got it? because you're indian or you're not indian. they think
is a battleground state, however, president obama is up 54%. not very battlegroundy. and elizabeth warren did very well last night in the debate. did you see the senator told. they are like who is your favorite supreme court justice, he is not scalia? [ booing ] >> stephanie: i was looking for dr. flornharn. >> justice chastro. >> stephanie: i don't even really know who they are. but "politico" wrote a piece the parallel universe that now mitt romney leads all of the polls. because the polls are all wrong. >> of course. >> stephanie: lee in mississippi. hi, lee. >> caller: hi stephanie. i listen to you on occasion but just was curious about what your response was -- or would be to president obama's response to the attack that occurred on american embassy, and his decision to go on television that night basically as -- i think his comment was, i'm just here for eye candy. and was that appropriate? your opinion? >> stephanie: are you talking about his appearance on "the view"? >> yes. >> stephanie: that wasn't at night. well, i think he should have spoken more prematurely like mit
one issue up there is painting elizabeth warren as native american. of course, she helped maybe create that issue, but is this the issue that is going to help him win? >> i think this is the beginning of a long campaign that he is going to run. the fact fors on the ground all argue in warren's favor. there are going to be -- >> bill: democratic registration -- >> exactly 7 or 8,000 new voters who didn't vote for scott brown back in the special election in 2010, because they just didn't come out to vote. now he has to do something to undermine her credibility. at the moment the polls are showing elizabeth warren on a pretty strong rise. so scott brown has to do something to change this race. and i think elizabeth warren demonstrated it is an issue of concern for her. she herself went up with a response ad hours after scott brown did, which tells me they believe that is something of concern. >> bill: yeah. and she had addressed it before, but she can't take any chances. all right. reid wilson, thanks for your time this morning. and thanks for all of those fre
last night's debate between scott walker and elizabeth -- scott brown and elizabeth warren. it is a little early. and the winner has already pronounced to be david gregory. mitt romney's trash collector is talking. paul ryan has a hard time doing his math homework and best of all, a man with a doubly phallic name has endorsed governor romney. first, here's lisa. >> good morning everyone. it's not about whether you win or lose. it's how you play the game unless you're running for president then it is about winning but not according to mitt romney. in his version of reality where the polls are made up and the results don't matter he says the debates are about something bigger than winning. they're a chance for each candidate to present their funeral path to -- their future path to america. the president has said something very similar. his campaign said do not expect any big attacks because mr. obama just wants to continue his conversation with the american people. but romney is still prepping some zingers
with a very very strong endorsement of elizabeth warren, which means a lot of get out to vote and union people showing up for support. >> stephanie: you talk about the kind of people he has hired and the kind of campaign he is running. as you say this is a shrewd man who is incredibly thin skinned it is very likely he has offended himself against the pivotal figure he told everybody he was three years ago. >> and paul ryan has the same problem. these two guys have bought their own celebrity. >> stephanie: i'm serious. >> it says so right here in the newspaper. >> stephanie: exactly. warren has pulled ahead, but not by much, right? >> i think the poll average -- because there's a funky [ inaudible ] boston harold poll which has scott brown ahead and that has brought the average down. i think she is probably closer to being ahead by three or four but it's extraordinarily fluid, and there are local factors that will play into it. john keerny is probably going to lose to an out-gay republican. >> stephanie: wow. >> his family was involved in this off-shore gambling thing, a
, the federal trade commission was created to promote consumer protection and how elizabeth warren has picked up that challenge on behalf of us consumers and she's doing great up here. i'm in a couple of unions actually. and teamster mainly and i'm with -- >> stephanie: teamsters are hot. >> caller: yeah. they're the sexiest union in the country, i think. >> stephanie: i was at the dnc, a bunch of teamsters walked in, i got a little hot, i gotta tell you. >> it was a bit worrisome with her and scott brown for a time but -- i mean i think that -- >> stephanie: he's running on questioning her heritage? what? >> he doesn't have anything else. his voting record shows he's straight up, you know, republican. he's got a couple of bucks to trend. they gave him forevisibility sake. they'll give you a couple of bills to run on essentially like we got this down. that's a big part of it. >> stephanie: is this paul ryan being pro union? it seems like scott walker -- once football gets involved, everybody is really pro unio
elizabeth warren! when she's in the united states senate will be able to do something about this. >> maybe other airlines can take a look at what southwest is doing and like virgin america, i know they don't fly that many places but they don't charge for checked bags. >> bill: somewhere there ought to be a rule that if you don't get something for that dollar, then you don't have to pay that dollar. and you don't get anything for that $150 that you're paying. you know. it's -- well, we're sticking with the airlines. but the other thing that really bugs me is with the atm machines now, when you use an atm that's not your bank. they charge you $3. i've seen more than $3 for those fees. so maybe we'll have to start here on the "full court press." a consumer hot line. >> oh, no. >> consumer crusaders. >> bill: consumer bitch line. i want to start with the airlines and get the story out there because if you think you're getting screwed by the airlines, not only is it just a pain in the ass to fly anymore because of secu
happen. >> i completely agree. we've had jokes hit the white house before. warren harding might not be able to get the white house with 24 hour news cycles, the more cameras on the candidates, the harder for i imbecile's to get there. >> anything can happen that isn't handled perfectly. as we saw in 2007 or 2008, that can be a game-changer. in a race this close even on the national level i think we need to be mindful of that. if anything, it should be getting us up earlier us getting more coffee to walk those precincts and explain how important it is to vote and make sure everybody has the proper identification to get in there and cast their ballots. if you were worried about mitt romney and now taking solace in the fact that he is now behind in the poles you need to get off your couch. >> every time they said he has it wrapped up, 10 more people stay home. >> he's going to be gone in four years. do you want a great crop of candidates governorships across the country that can take his place when it's time? you need to think about this. republicans spend a lot of effort filling t
elizabeth warren who is -- when it comes to fighting for citizens. there is a lot to be said. >> jennifer: you put on your democratic hat. how would you say that he should answer that question? >> i'm so proud of what we've done. most people remember when the crisis happened, a lot of people were stock up on guns. we've done a great job of getting the market back. higher than it has been in four years. the economy is recovering, put more money in people's pocketbooks. >> jennifer: that's right. he's gotta double down. governor romney. democrats say that your entitlement reform ideas will further punish the most needy who are already suffering because of the republicans economic policies. how do you respond governor romney? governor romney, how do you respond? >> as we expected, the democrats have entirely demagogued the issue of entitlement reform. the fact is that we made the tough decisions. we've raised the eligibility age but we've also means tested it. we're saying people who have more should give ba
paycheck or warren buffett's. they earned them. the vignette trouble us because he did such harm and yet continued to feel so entitled. no sense of remorse or recognition. it is stewardship and led to the troubles and that maybe there should be consequences. he and others on wall street personified the world of heads i win tails you lose, or put another way socializing risk while privatizing gain. have we learned any lessons? we can discuss the intricacies of wall street compensation more over time but the critical point is this, we doesn't resent success, we applaud it. we don't begrudge others, the well-earned fruits of their labor yet we resent an attitude of entitlement without obligation. for too many of us, we're seeing that attitude too pervasive on wall street. that's my v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v admitted that that look, we were able to keep a lot of the folks because of the stimulus. >> bill: absolutely. again, do you great work, judd. thank you. all of your colleagues at think pro
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)

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